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Welcome to Dragonpedia, a wiki dedicated to dragons and other mythical creatures.

Dragonpedia is a wiki dedicated to mythical creatures.

We aim to not be newbs and use spelling and grammar as best as we can when talking about these fascinating beasts, right Emmakitty?

  • Emakitty: Noz, we aim to dezcrib thez beztz az horibli az we can.


  • Emakitty: No, we aim to describe these beasts as horribly as we can.

Says her.

Although she created this wiki, don't act like she is God Almighty.

Act like she is grammatically incorrect.


  • Dragonpedia finally moved on from a newb wiki to a sophisticated wiki.
  • Harry Potter is finally over with! Hooray!
  • Emakitty is an idiot.


Dragons are fantastic creatures that could be real, or not real.

Who knows?

They are very powerful too.

Only Emakitty knows, and she's a troll.

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